Bon (François) : Fictions du corps

First published as chronicles, read during performances with the composer Dominique Pifarély, “Fictions du Corps” is composed of forty-eight notes. Those short fictions question the relationships between a person and the community, through the portraits of typical characters reflecting an evolution of the bodies in the city. Several characters then appear, each one representing a kind of person who can be found in every community, and who contributes to make it lives. The illustrations of Philippe Cognée fill the pages with characters in transformation, echoing the words of the writer.

14 x 22 cm
136 p.
ISBN : 979-10-92444-38-4

Literature / Essay / Philosophy / Portraits / City

Date de publication : 22 août 2018

It all begins with a dream. Not with any dream, but with one of these moments when we daydream in the city. Then they appear. A figure, an architecture, a madman. Born from our imagination, or from our own misunderstanding of what is happening. Born from our lack of comprehension when considering the path we are following and why. Fictions are created, in the shape of notes on men. Instable men, men who don’t move enough, men-doors, etc. Forty-eight times, forty-eight notes. The surprise comes from the appearance of a prestidigitator. Or we should say, his reappearance : he actually appears in the first text, but this mysterious figure comes back five times, punctuating the other notes. All those notes draw the portrait of bodies evolving into the city, of a community. Anyone can relate to the characters depicted here, or, at least, can recognize someone in the illustrations punctuating the pages.

François Bon was born in 1953. He recently published Fragments du dedans (Grasset, 2014), Proust est une fiction (Seuil, 2013), Autobiographie des objets (Seuil, 2012). First published in chronicles on his website « », Fictions du corps is also read during performances with the musician and composer Dominique Pifarély.

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