Jacquet (Élisabeth) : Eva Gonzalès/Meeting a modern young woman

Using a poetic and thematic thread integrating non-linear elements of Eva Gonzalès’s biography (1847-1883), this innovative literary art book relates the encounter between a contemporary writer and this remarkable painter.

2020 / 16x20 cm / 160 p. / ISBN : 978-2-85035-015-3

Date de publication : 16 mai 2022

Between Impressionism and the Internet, it evokes our relationship with art and how it extends into our own life. The book also questions the specific nature of the painted image in an era flooded with images of all sorts. The reproduction of paintings by Eva Gonzalès and of images linked to a personal investigation feeds the dialogue between painting and literature, making the 19th century resonate within the 21st, the work and life of a woman painter of that time with that of a contemporary woman writer, her sensibility within that of the reader’s. This contemporary impressionist text offers the reader to discover Eva Gonzalès and a space for her/his vision, perceptions and questions.

Eva Gonzalès/Meeting a modern young woman initiated a renewed interest in this painter that led, among other events, to an exhibition in Petit Palais (Paris) starting in February 2023.

Elisabeth Jacquet is author of contemporary literature.
She explores different forms of narrations : around reading (Les grands parcs blancs, ed. Flammarion, 2001), a furniture catalog declined in an emotional and sentimental way
(Dans ma maison, notre catalogue, ed. Melville/Léo Scheer, 2003), the modernity of a great novel’s heroine (Anna Karénine, c’est moi, ed. Philippe Rey, 2010), childhood memories (Quand j’étais petite, ed. de l’Attente, 2012), or the husband’s concept (Mon mari et moi/Petite exploration conjugale, Serge Safran éditeur, 2017 ; Piper Verlag 2019 for the german traduction).

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