Pessan (Éric) : La Hante

Written after the exhibition « Chasse, chassé » (“Hunt, hunted”), “La Hante” is the story of the call of the wild. The scenes of hunting bring us back to basic instincts and bestiality, in the depths of forests where men and beasts can’t be distinguished anymore, where desire and death mingled, where one hesitates between the exaltation of the predator and the terrors of the child. The inks of Patricia Cartereau give birth to dreamy pictures, reproducing this call of the wild.

14 x 22 cm
176 p.
ISBN : 979-10-92444-27-8

Novel / Art / Nature / Wilderness / Painting

Date de publication : 22 août 2018

La Hante is the place where both men and animals live, where their instincts are similar. From wilderness to metamorphosis, from the mythical figures of hunting to the memories of sheds coming from the childhood, the texts of Éric Pessan and the inks of Patricia Cartereau aim to catch the call of the wild. A call heard by the hunter and that never ceased to haunt him. A call giving the promise of an encounter with bestiality ; the promise of pursuits, of hunting, and of a deep transformation. Men and beasts come together in the depths of forests where fear and exaltation are similar. Both the texts and the pictures give access to a world hidden, made of the meeting of dream and nature. The reader does not only chase the mystery of hunting throughout the pages ; he also discovers the origins of the pictorial art. An art close to nature, and to the origins of humanity.

Éric Pessan was born in 1970. He writes novels, dramatic texts and texts in collaboration with artists. In 2013, during an artist residence linked to the exhibition “Chasse, chassé”, he wrote texts echoing the paintings exposed. La Hante is a variation inspired by this work.

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