Suchère (Éric) : Symptômes

A good way of understanding contemporary art in its complexity and diversity, along with its issues, could be to regard it as a syndrome, the particular symptoms of which may be easier to fathom as the whole. In exploring such themes as politic, stupidity, bad taste, literalism, the gestures and the experience of art, the lightness of things, the nothing and the not-much, and such figures as Guy Debord, Philip Guston, Cy Twombly, Vaslav Nijinsky, Robert Filliou, Niele Toroni, Richard Tuttle, Tony Smith or Michel Parmentier, Éric Suchère gives us keys to a better apprehension – and more fruitful criticism – of what we call contemporary.

16 x 20 cm
168 p.
ISBN : 979-10-92444-68-1

Date de publication : 5 février 2019