Wackenheim (Vincent) : Joseph Kaspar Sattler ou La Tentation de l’os

Josef Kaspar Sattler (1867-1931) came from Munich to Strasbourg in 1891 in order to teach at the École des Arts décoratifs. There, he created A Modern Dance of Death, a series of 16 drawings pervaded with fantastic, violent, dark, bizarre, satirical visions, later to be copied and exhibited in Paris, London and Berlin, where it received acclaim from such figures as Alfred Jarry, Henri Graf Kessler and Edvard Munch. Wackenheim’s monograph offers a double perspective : while its second part is a thorough, richly illustrated study on the artist’s life and work, the first one consists of 16 short texts conceived as answers or echoes to Sattler’s masterpiece.

21 x 25 cm
208 p.
ISBN : 979-10-92444-28-5

Date de publication : 5 février 2019